Paulo Raposo

Paulo Raposo

Paulo Raposo is a sound artist, curator, radio producer and occasionally film-maker based in Lisbon, Portugal.

He started working on the early nineties in the medium of live electronics, computer music, field recordings, code writing, exploring intersections of different media, performing, recording and exhibiting works in Europe, Middle East and United States.

His work spans across different sound investigations including intertwining public and private spaces, natural soundscapes, audio-visual environments and radio works that explore multiple relationships and displacements between digital process and architectural spaces, using custom-built software to create abstract and delicate sound works.

Performances and collaborations include Janek Schaefer, Marc Behrens, John Grzinich, Jason Kahn, Stephan Mathieu, Zbigniew Karkowski, eRikm, Murmer, André Gonçalves, Carlos Zíngaro, @c, Gilles Aubry, Gintas K, Marco Scarassati and many others.

His radio works were broadcast on Kunstradio, WDR,, Antena 2, etc. and he’s featured on Radio Revolten book.

As co-director of RadiaLx – International radio festival in Lisbon, he commissioned thousands of hours of radio art from around the globe, and still curates and produces a show for - international network of radios.

He created over a dozen sound installations in Portugal, Italy, US and Holland.

He founded the label Sirr, active since 2001, to promote challenging experimental sound art, publishing and bringing forward more than one hundred sound artists from Toshiya Tsunoda to Zbigniew Karkowski, from Steve Roden to Brandon Labelle, Lawrence English, Steve Peters and many others.

Beyond, strictly sound art, he curated the colective projects AIA and EVA on the relations between art and communities, sound and media. Raposo also colaborated, as juri with European Sound Art Awards, Prix Russolo and CPAI digital arts award.

Beyond live-coding audiovisual explorations as “Húmus” his approach to the film realm features “The Bridge” documenting the art of field-recording and “Medronho todos os dias” with Silvia Coelho (DocLisboa, 2017: Practice, Tradition and Heritage Award from INATEL Foundation Award for Best Film dealing with Cultural and Traditional Practices.