Product 04 cover

Marc Behrens / Paulo Raposo / @cProduct 04

Cr贸nica 017 10" vinyl sold out

Release: 1 December 2004

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  1. Marc Behrens: I Was Never
  2. Marc Behrens: A Disco Boy
  3. Paulo Raposo: Bunny And Clyde Take The Desert Ride
  4. @c: 36

Word's out that the good old vinyl industry will be off by the year 2009, it seems that an agreement within the chemical industry states that the key by-products of the current petroleum refining process will no longer be generated by that time, meaning: bye-bye new vinyl records! With that in mind, and of course the dance floors, Cr贸nica decided to give her special tribute to the old industry medium and put out a 10" with Further Reinterpretations by Marc Behrens, Paulo Raposo and @c. Here's a little Q&A about the new Product:

Q: Is this another consequence?
A: Well, yes. For the presentation of Further Consequences of Reinterpretation (008~2004) we set up two performances with Marc, Paulo and @c, in Porto and Lisbon. The four of us performed together in improvisation, again reinterpreting the material of FCOR, not the original sources that Marc and Paulo used to compose the CD but rather the finished stereo mix of the CD. Playing around with the concept of "remix" and of extending the process of FCOR even more, we came to the idea of working on a release with 3 new approaches from each of the parts involved.

Q: What's holding them together?
A: The sources, to start with, as all tracks deal mainly with recovering, reinterpreting and extending the CD from Behrens and Raposo. During the work process we shared sketches and drafts of the tracks, not necessarily to try to achieve some overall coherence, as this coherence wasn鈥檛 our main concern.

Q: So it became a Product release?
A: Yes, we wanted to recover and rework that material, but we were not so sure about producing a full length CD from it. We were mainly focused in developing one track each so the Product format of split releases was the natural way to do it. We specifically wanted length to be an issue present in our work, something that would force us to synthesize, to keep the compositions controlled. That's also why a vinyl seemed such a good idea.

Q: But, a vinyl? Wasn鈥檛 the Product series supposed to bring to CD the split-vinyl concept?
A: Yes, it still is. Although our main focus is not so much in the format but much more in the idea of the split release. We guess vinyl makes sense for several reasons: not only it had a clear maximum length for the tracks as it is also the medium of choice for releasing 鈥渞emixes鈥 (although the 鈥渞emixes鈥 here are rather unorthodox). It is also a further twist in a now long process of work developed over the original sources that motivated FCOR, when they are finally brought to the realm of the analog, after layers and layers of mostly digital manipulation.

Q: Hmm... Is this a limited release?
A: Yes it is. The pressing is limited to 300 copies that will be available trough some of our distribution channels only or directly from Cr贸nica website.

Q: Any plans for ReReReinterpretations?
A: Not for the moment...