Installations: Octo _ _ _ _ (2019) cover

@cInstallations: Octo _ _ _ _ (2019)

Crónica 209

Release: 21 November 2023

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  1. Octo _ _ _ _

During their collaboration as @c, Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais developed several installations, often site-specific and ephemeral works. This series of releases in Crónica is dedicated to revisiting these installation works, occasionally with situ recordings, but also further exploring the computational systems developed for the works, archival materials, and other assets, presenting new compositions that unfold from each installation. This series is accompanied by the book Installations / Instalações also published by Crónica.

The fourth release in this series is Octo _ _ _ _, after the permanent installation in Esposende, Portugal. Octo _ _ _ _ is an ensemble of modules on the dunes, standing between the city and the beachside. It is a piece that coexists with a constantly changing environment, a myriad of sounds forming a soundscape to which it also contributes. It blends with the surroundings, seeking to integrate with the existing elements, spreading over a wide area so sounds can be perceived from various perspectives and scales.

This release is part of the Installations series.