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Janek SchaeferDouble Exposure

Crónica 062

Release: 30 October 2011

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Side 1

  1. A1: Spark Rising Over the Lights of Scarlett Heights
  2. A2: Broadstairs Childrens Piano Trio
  3. A3: Requiem for West Wittering

Side 2

  1. B1: City of Dreams - Theme Tune
  2. B2: Coda for John Dankworth
  3. B3: Fields of the Missed

Side 3

  1. C1: Unfolding Honey
  2. C2: Inner Space Memorial [for J.G.Ballard]

Side 4

  1. D1: Asleep at the Wheel... in-car soundtrack 7 [featuring Richard Heinberg]
  2. D2: Crossed Wires
  3. D3: Tinkerbelles
  4. D4: Exposure

Double Exposure is a studio album, written over six years [2005-2011] in Janek’s career as a composer, sound artist, and musician. Each of the twelve tracks is a response to an invitation to write a piece of music for a compilation CD or installation etc. This then is the second time for them to have been exposed, but collected as a coherent series of album tracks. The source sounds are produced using location recordings and manipulated vinyl, which are simply processed through a collection of foot Loop/Reverb/Pitch/Eq pedals & mixing desk, and then assembled on screen. Anamnesis refers to the ability of sound to trigger mental images in our minds eye. Each new series of images will be specific to each of us — and they are all uniquely generated and framed by these evocative compositions.

Where there is a strong story or concept behind the piece, there are further hotlinks.

The album is a one hour and forty-three minute long audiofile album available as a download through selected online distributors.

A1: Spark Rising Over the Lights of Scarlett Heights, 2011. Composed for the site specific play “The Mill - City of Dreams” presented in a deserted weaving mill in Bradford. A photo of Bradford city night-lights was laid over the score paper for a music box to produce the central theme. Accompanied by Mark Haydn Robinson (piano) and Martin Couzin (cello).

A2: Broadstairs Childrens Piano Trio, 2008. A composition for the Crónica compilation “Mus*****c”.

A3: Requiem for West Wittering, 2010. A composition for the Panels sound symposium CD organised by Paul Devens, Holland.

B1: City of Dreams - Theme Tune, 2011. Composed as the entrance title music for the site specific 5* play “The Mill - City of Dreams”. Presented in a deserted weaving mill in Bradford by Freedom Studios to sell out audiences.

B2: Coda for John Dankworth, 2009. Composed for the Room40 compilation CD “10” for The Wire subscriber edition. Became the soundtrack of the installation version.

B3: Fields of the Missed, 2009. A composition for the Room40 compilation CD “Fabrique”.

C1: Unfolding Honey, 2010. A composition for the Room40 compilation “10” digital download edition. Album edit of the installation soundtrack for the exhibition “Future Beauty - 30 Years of Japanese fashion”, held at the Barbican Gallery, winter 2010.

C2: Inner Space Memorial [for J.G.Ballard], 2009. Installation soundtrack that I produced as a tribute while reading his autobiography at the same time as him passing away.

D1: Asleep at the Wheel... in-car soundtrack 7 [featuring Richard Heinberg], 2010. A key track from the installation soundtrack for a ghost road of cars in a deserted supermarket. Where is our culture heading.

D2: Crossed Wires, 2005. Commissioned by Canadian Radio for the 8 part series “The Wire” on the origins of music from electricity. This track is a remix of samples from episode 7.

D3: Tinkerbelles, 2011. Interlude composition for “The Mill - City of Dreams”.

D4: Exposure, 2008. A composition for the Arctic Circle CD compilation “Explorers Club”.

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