Àlex Reviriego

Àlex Reviriego

Àlex Reviriego plays double bass, organ and electronics. He is a solo artist and member of the bands Phicus, Tholos Gateway, the Liba Villavecchia Trio and The Devil, Probably, among others, and one of the most active and in-demand musicians of the experimental music scene in Spain. As a contrabassist with a great command of extended techniques and timbric exploration of the instrument, he has participated in a great number of formations of contemporary, improvised and experimental music. His ferocious and angular style can be heard in dozens of albums released in various European labels as well as in different live settings, ranging from solo, small formations to orchestral work. His versatility has also allowed him to embrace a vast variety of styles like black metal, free improvisation, ambient electronics or experimental folk.

His solo bass work explores the timbric possibilities of the unaccompanied double bass, focusing on extended bowing techniques and slow repetitive developments. Raben (Tripticks Tapes 2021) is the second instalment of a trilogy started with Blaue Tauben (Sirulita 2019), loosely based around the figures of Georg Trakl, Paul Celan and Friedrich Hölderlin.

His electronic compositions investigate the possibilities created by the juxtaposition of feedbacking devices with acoustic (Dorothea, Finis Africae 2022) and electronic instruments (Leukolenos, Crystalmine 2023).

He has collaborated with artists like Vasco Trilla, Patrick Shiroishi, Miguel A. Garcia, Martin Küchen, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ilia Belorukov, or Colin Marston, among many others. His work as performer and composer appears in dozens of albums released in labels like Astral Spirits, Clean Feed, Cyclic Law, Intonema, Tripticks Tapes, Urpa i Musell, etc.

He runs the experimental tape label Hera Corp.