Terra cover

Luca ForcucciTerra

Crónica 198 CD

Release: 21 March 2023

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  1. Obscura
  2. Incognita
  3. Terra
  4. Cantus
  5. Firmus

Terra is a composition for cello, percussions, live electronics, fragments, drifts, and territories.

Territorial sonic fragments were collected while drifting between Los Angeles, Recife, Beirut, and then reassembled here and there in no particular order. These recombined and reterritorialized fragments were proposed to a cellist and a percussionist along with a graphic score. During three days, in a theatre in the Swiss Jura mountains, the composition was developed and then premiered in concert.

Meanwhile, territories around the globe are chaotically fragmented, compressed, appropriated, deterritorialized, reterritorialized, decentralized, decompartmentalized. Ethereal territories drift, going one way, while humans go in the other.

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