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Ilia BelorukovScattered Underfoot

Crónica 195 tape

Release: 10 January 2023

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  1. High Shrubs Forming a Thicket
  2. The Night Whispered and Sang
  3. The Morning Brightened the View
  4. Searching Between Some Bushes

This album was created in 2020-2021 in the most strange times of the pandemic, when almost all live music was stopped and many had to work from home. Honestly, this was not something totally unusual for me, as I have a habit to compose at the computer when I have some kind of inspiration or, better said, when I try different things. I tend to work on several concurrent pieces at any given time, slowly developing them, and sometimes finding they can come together as an album.

Scattered Underfoot is one of these cases, and it is something new for me. It is an electroacoustic composition that crosses analog and modular synthesis, field recordings, percussion, and processing. This was an experimental process, exploring possibilities for the computer to add its own inputs by developing chance processes. A similar process was developed with the percussion elements, improvising with small setups of snare drum, cymbal, and objects, focusing on sounds rather on playing, as I am not a drummer, after all. Several of these sessions were collected, serving as a starting point to the compositions.

There is no randomness in the creative process itself, it all comes from thinking and trying to connect sounds and ideas to each other in, most importantly, new ways that I had not already explored in my previous electroacoustic or acoustic improvised music.

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