Sombres Miroirs cover

Bruno DuplantSombres Miroirs

Crónica 188 CD

Release: 28 June 2022

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  1. Sombres Miroirs, part 1
  2. Sombres Miroirs, part 2

a polished and reflective surface gives us the stable and sincere image of a subject
the subject here is the world today both planet, nature, humanity, civilizations, individuals
and possibly, probably the one of tomorrow, dark in my eyes & embittered in my heart

a kind of orchestral mise en abyme of these mirrors
with its moments of tension, implosions, explosions, choruses of mystical lamentations
hope & despair in ever-recurring successions

the art of combining sounds and silences
during a time previously defined here
as an echo to these dark mirrors
dark ages

Sombres miroirs is the continuation of the work Élégie du temps présent published by Granny records in 2021. A third part of this triptych will appear soon, Insondables humeurs.

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