Lad enhver lyd minde os om cover

Morten RiisLad enhver lyd minde os om

Crónica 186 tape

Release: 17 May 2022

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  1. Håbet
  2. det der blænder
  3. vores utilstrækkelighed.
  4. Det strålende lys der klinger
  5. den sol ingen kan slå ned.
  6. Solstøjens forvandling, mod
  7. skrøbelighedens
  8. ro.
  9. Sindets
  10. vildfarelse, mod
  11. tomhedens svingninger.
  12. Elegiernes sange om
  13. den støjende sol
  14. forenelse, i
  15. stilhed
  16. håb

The first solo release by Morten Riis since 2009 presents his newest endeavours into the broken worn-out world of cassette tapes and modified tape players. Lad enhver lyd minde os om [Let every sound reminds us of] wreathes around our conceptions regarding a sense of togetherness, perishability, the inherent sensuousness of objects and potential poetic statements coupled with humans’ belief that through language and representation we can control everything around us. The album is composed on homemade synthesisers and modified 4-track cassette recorders, thus creating a music-technological poetic that underlines the specificity of media and the human-object participatory democracy that creates what we normally conceptualise as an artistic expression. It is a slow process in which several melodic elements are layered to create an expression in which the individual voices vanish in myriads of noise and textures. Behind the often-chaotic roaring sea of tape mediation, melodic structures emerge, like sunken forgotten memories in our minds.

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The full-length cassette release is accompanied by Lad den samme lyd minde os om [Let the same sound reminds us of], 25 loop unique cassette tapes handcrafted by Morten Riis and containing the original source material for the compositions.

Limited release loop tapes

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