Reduced to a Geometrical Point cover

David Lee MyersReduced to a Geometrical Point

Crónica 173 CD

Release: 21 September 2021

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  1. GEO 1 Laurentia
  2. GEO 2 Pannotia
  3. GEO 3 Gondwana
  4. GEO 4 Pangaea

I am not an advocate of “music for meditation” and in fact believe that to be a completely misguided notion. However, I have observed that some audio constructions seem to encourage a posture of staying in the moment. This has proven to be a fascination over time. As I began the present sonic explorations, a quote from metaphysics scholar Frithjof Schuon kept coming to mind: “You must detach your life from an awareness of the multiple and reduce it to a geometrical point before God.” Certainly, Schuon was not referring to any particular Judeo-Christian vision of a supreme being, but rather, whatever ultimate creative force of the universe which must exist. So becoming “reduced to a geometrical point before God” was a concept that resonated for me while working on the pieces.

That said, as the tracks developed I, as usual, gave them temporary working titles, in this case, Geo 1, etc. After a time I suddenly realized that the designation Geo implied a reference to our Earth and that this could suggest an additional meaning to the music. There is this geometrical point, but also the greater context of the world at large. Could these sounds remind one of the microcosmos and macrocosmos simultaneously? I hope not a pretentious assertion. — DLM

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