Ekkert Nafn cover

Francisco López & Miguel A. GarcíaEkkert Nafn

Crónica 151 CD

Release: 21 May 2019

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  1. Francisco López: Untitled #351
  2. Miguel A. García: Applainessads

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The collaborative album Ekkert Nafn was composed from sound materials collected by Francisco López and Miguel A. García. Some of these materials were derived from field recordings, others from electrical and mechanical devices, all were manipulated with digital tools to varying degrees. After compiling the collection of sounds, both artists proceeded to compose independently, arriving to pieces that inevitably intersected each other’s aesthetics. In the two chimeric works presented in this album, we may recognise each artist’s authorial identity intertwined with the other’s in multiple and surprising ways. The title of the release is actually yet another manifestation of this superposition: García often uses invented words to title his pieces, looking for sounds and forms that somehow connect with the music. Sometimes, within these invented words, he discovers words from languages he does not understand. Ekkert Nafn happens to not be made up of invented words — although it could have been — but is composed by two Icelandic words that translate to the quintessential López title, No Name.

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