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Crónica 141

Release: 29 May 2018

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  1. Pietro Bonanno: Chinmoku
  2. Fabio R. Lattuca: Music for a 24h Environment
  3. Vacuamoenia: Panphonia

Panphonia is the sound of the everything, a circular whole that comes out and returns in the reality that generated it.

Panphonia is an electro-acoustic composition based on field recordings of a particular type of abandoned soundscape: the rural villages built during fascism in Sicily, the Borghi; the composition is born to consider as demiurgical actions the interior and exterior side of the matter: Outside the body of the Borghi, the transient landscape re-occupies the place, lying on the border with a symphony of sounds whose body and shape are in the same materials that wreck the organs of the Borghi, the buildings that return to the earth. Thanks to the panoramic footage and the use of the contact microphones, a double representative dimension is combined in the composition, making the composer and the listener meet in a bridge that is the hub of the two worlds.

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