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Durán VázquezHiku Komuro, Hikikomori

Crónica 129 tape

Release: 25 April 2017

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  1. Solus Ipse
  2. Solus Ipse
  3. Solus Ipse
  4. Koroshiya
  5. Solus Ipse
  6. Segunda Natureza (trebón, paxaros, electrostática)

This album was created from January and December 2016 in Vigo, Galicia, using digital media in a Windows laptop, and hacked VST plug-ins from the late 1990s. Samples from old videogames were used as source materials, recorded with the freeware emulator Nestopia (v1.40) by Martin Freij, FM synthesis with Sound Forge (v6.0) and other synthesized sounds created with the modular synthesis freeware application SynFactory (v1.16rc1) by Peter Wendrich and Ruud de Jong.

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