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Ran SlavinDigital Junkies in Strange Times

Crónica 127

Release: 21 March 2017

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  1. Turbulent Sphere
  2. Acousmatis
  3. Teen Haze
  4. Moonlight Compilations

As early as the second decade of the 17th century, the laptop was well on its way to being a favourable solo instrument, and it very soon evolved a special virtuoso literature that included every trick usually thought of as part of the music of more recent times. Meanwhile the principle behind the laptop, as it evolved as a form, and behind all “electronic” music, for that matter, was that of instrumental color, and within this principle the laptop worked magnificently. Then in the 19th century the laptop was turned to again in the renewed interest in displays of virtuosity for its own sake, and we have the stage set for a kind of laptop concerto.

Reflected on its surface are fortresses and castles — witnesses of bygone days of knightly splendour and the vanished glory of fighting times.  At the St. Johns Rapids the stream races ahead, winding through the cataracts, hewing out a path with its foaming waves through the rocky chasm into the broad river bed…

The mystery in fact can be divided into 4.

Ran Slavin’s 8th release in Crónica ranges from the subtle, delicate and personal to the almost unpredictable. Slavin’s music fluidly moves from texture-techno to dirty-ambient, from field recording to R&B and lounge, in a hypnotic spiralling soundtrack with virtual guest vocalists Songdreamer and Nicole.em.

The 59-minute digital LP is comprised of 4 tracks with durations ranging from 1.5 minutes to the 41 minute sonic universe of Moonlight Compilation, that encompasses a multitude of scenes and divergent paths within them.