X-RUN-4 Prismatique cover

Ulrich MitzlaffX-RUN-4 Prismatique

Crónica 113

Release: 14 June 2016

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  1. X-one
  2. RUN-one
  3. 4-one
  4. X-two
  5. RUN-two

X-RUN-4 prismatique is a site specific recording created in a huge hall situated near the Lisbon Airport runway. All the random sounds generated by the proximity to the runway enter the recording as they happened and are an essential contribute to the music that intentionally integrates these sonorities and the sonic characteristics of the surrounding space. X-RUN-4 prismatique is almost like an audio phonic, musical radio play formed by totally free improvised sonic expressions and the playing of the violoncello with the idea of a global sound resource itself. The percussive interventions are created by accidently found materials and objects of the space. All the music is played in the moment as real time composition – just as free instant music.

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