Sireli Aeg cover

Sound Meccano / Jura LaivaSireli Aeg

Crónica 110

Release: 30 April 2016

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  1. Mooste Järv
  2. Põlva Tuul
  3. Sireli Laul
  4. Emajõgi Delta

Sireli Aeg is based on field recording sounds captured during the Active Crossover residency at MoKs in Mooste (Estonia) and its surroundings.

The field recording locations that most affected the compositions were:

This release is part of the Corollaries series, compiling works produced during the Active Crossover: Mooste, a cross-cultural collaborative residency curated by Simon Whetham and hosted by MoKS, in April and May 2015.

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