Modular Works 2015Q1 cover

Jos SmoldersModular Works 2015Q1

Crónica 098

Release: 15 September 2015

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  1. For RH (dark)
  2. For RH (light)
  3. For RH (debris)
  4. TomTomTomTom

I composed these works during the first months of 2015. They are clearly defined constructions, built in a modernistic fashion. The sounds have a character of their own (objets musicales) but I force my will onto them and thus create a composition. In the months before this production I had been restoring and mastering 10 albums of the music of Pierre Henry. That, as always, had a great influence on my state of mind as a composer. The theatrical approach of Henry is clearly audible in these works. I started with a certain mood in my head and worked from there. First collecting the initial sounds (objets sonores), reworking and editing them and in the mean time placing them in a timeline. Three of the works are dedicated to Robert Hampson, because I admire his electro acoustic works very much and because he can be such an inspiring conversationalist on the subject of Musique Concrete.

Jos Smolders, Tilburg, July 2015


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