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Francisco LópezUntitled #284

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Release: 30 March 2012

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  1. Untitled #284

Behind every image, something has disappeared. And that is the source of its fascination. Behind virtual reality in all its forms […] the real has disappeared. And that is what fascinates everyone. According to the official version, we worship the real and the reality principle, but — and this is the source of the current suspense — is it, in fact, the real we worship, or its disappearance?

Jean Baudrillard, Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?, translated by Chris Turner, Seagull Books 2009.

untitled #284 was created in 2011 by extensive evolutionary transformation of original environmental recordings made in Lisbon during the year of 1992. These sources were recovered for a commission of the Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, where the composition was premiered on 16 July 2011.

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