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The Futureplaces Impromptu All-Stars OrchestraPoststop

Crónica 061 CD

Release: 20 October 2011

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  1. Autodigest: Hard Rock Café
  2. Blaine L. Reininger: Tintro
  3. The Post-Apocalyptic Shopping Mall
  4. Marc Behrens: Neighbour GS
  5. Anselmo Canha: The Nature of Exchange
  6. @c: Noventa [para Heitor]
  7. Marc Behrens: Neighbour 3F
  8. Heitor Alvelos: An Underdog Burns
  9. Filipe Silva: Mind At Large [Day One]
  10. Untitled [trad.]
  11. João Martins: One OverTwo
  12. Heitor Alvelos: The Post-Apocalyptic Shopping Mall [Slight Return]
  13. Anselmo Canha: Gondomar, Ermesinde, Valongo, Rio Tinto
  14. Marc Behrens: Neighbour J*J*J

This CD is the result of a two-day workshop and subsequent concert held in October 2010 in Porto, Portugal, as part of the futureplaces digital media festival. The workshop had the imprint of MediaLab Prado’s “Neighborhood Science” network, and was held at C.C.Stop, a bankrupt shopping mall turned music community”.

During this period, field recordists taped seamstresses, video artists interviewed security guards, impromptu ensembles wove a multitude of musical languages. All questioned, shared, performed, discussed and discovered, under the motto of random operations, proposed by the musical director Blaine L. Reininger.

The resulting concert was the closing event of the 2010 edition of the future places festival, exploring the idea that new media becomes even more relevant when fueled by contextual creativity, aesthetic convergence, and an openness to chance and change.

This CD collects a series of variations of the original audio material, reconstructed by workshop participants and invited guests. A series of audio footnotes, including the closing concert in its entirety, will be available through

This CD is published under the imprint of the futureplaces festival, a project of the UT Austin-Portugal program in digital media, and is not for sale.

Workshop musicians and artists: Blaine L. Reininger, Anselmo Canha, Marc Behrens, João Martins, Filipe Silva, Henrique Fernandes, Álvaro Almeida, Masha, Matti Pohjonen, Mário Pinto.

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