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JazznoizeHumus (2005-2010)

Crónica 059

Release: 1 July 2011

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  1. Jazznoize & Vehscle: Metabolismo
  2. CCPC1 (Alternative Mix)
  3. DJ Hazard: Mix 3
  4. The Lincoln Battalion (Tributo)
  5. Trio Antimanierista & Jazznoize: I
  6. A Francisco López
  7. Audiotone
  8. Irene La Sen & Jazznoize: 1
  9. Viento urbano
  10. Cetus 2
  11. Clic
  12. Bailey vs Schaeffer
  13. Ensemble 1 & 2
  14. Iberia 2.0
  15. Iberia 1.3
  16. Semana Santa
  17. Jazznoize & Zanstones: IV
  18. Jazznoize & Zanoisect: Señores, la piscina ha muerto
  19. Música concreta española. Serie I
  20. #
  1. Unreleased. Collaboration with Canadian artist Vehscle. Electroacoustic representation of the sound metabolism of two Spanish and Canadian cities. (2008, concrete music, 8'17")
  2. Unreleased. Sounds generated at the C.C. Puertas de Castilla building. Symbiosis between walls of architectural distortion and their own random inhabitants, a study about sound space as resonant box. Recorded in February 2008. Originally released in “C.C.P.C.”, Hazard Records 064, Spain. (2010, field recordings, 17'29")
  3. Anki Toner, the mythical Spanish underground musician, remixes and samples, under the DJ Hazard alias, part of the works released in his own Hazard Records label. In this mix, he works from a Jazznoize piece, originally released in “Terra", Hazard Records 061, Spain. (2009, experimental, plunderphonics, field recordings, 8'40")
  4. A homage to the Lincoln Brigade, that fought in the Spanish Civil War for the 2nd Republic and against fascism. From “International Email Audio Art Project. Volume 1”, (Directed by Hal Mcgee), Haltapes, USA. (2010, field recordings, 1')
  5. Collaboration with the free improv group from Madrid. First of the five movements in the "Vórtice” release. Ruidemos 109, Spain. (2009, free improv, sound art, concrete music, 2'33")
  6. Unreleased. Dedicated to Francisco López, my master and main reference in sonic investigation. Edits from a project directed by López. Water piping, the liquid element as the main reference for experimentation. (2010, field recordings, 6'06")
  7. From the "Tao" compilation. Tecnonucleo TN012, Spain. (2009, 8'35")
  8. The first work of Irene and Jazznoize. The spoken word is reborn as a musical instrument demolished by the words of sound poetry, where the manipulation of the voice is the protagonist. Jazznoize works from a poem called “Los Métodos” of the young poet Irene Del Valle. All the sounds originate from the voice of the Majorcan poet, the words act as an instrument. From “Los Métodos”, Isolationism ISOR024, Austria. (2010, sound poetry, spoken word, 56")
  9. Urban recordings. The concrete jungle as an instrument. From "Alba", Biodata 29, Venezuela. (2010, field recordings, noise, 2'35")
  10. Unreleased. Reinterpretation of "Cetus". (2008, dark ambient, field recordings, 3'51")
  11. Unreleased. Reinterpretation of the video "Clic" from the DVD/CD “Sudamerica Electronica 2. Extreme Noise Extreme Nature”, Sudamerica Electronica, Argentina. (2008, plunderphonics, glitch, 4'14")
  12. Unreleased. Originally produced in tape. (2005, free improv, concrete music, field recordings, clarinet, 6'29")
  13. Unreleased. (2007, electroacoustic, 2'07")
  14. Unreleased. Recorded in La Huerta, Murcia. (Field recordings, 6'55")
  15. Recorded in the fields of Fortuna, Spain, in 2008. Released in "Iberia", Ruidemos 97, Spain. (2009, field recordings, soundscapes, 3'45")
  16. Recordings of the holy week celebrations, good friday procession at Salzillo, Murcia. Manipulation of old vinyl and folk religious recordings. From "Sediments", Just Not Normal 095, The Netherlands. (2010, field recordings, plunderphonics, folk, 3'21")
  17. 2009 collaboration with Zan Hoffman (USA). From "Zanoise", Zeromoon 107, USA. (2010, experimental, noise, field recordings, 8'41")
  18. Excerpt from a collaboration with Zan Hoffman. (2010, noise, field recordings, drone, 5'57")
  19. Unreleased. Work for the upcoming series of concrete music. (2010, concrete music, electroacoustic, 4'47")
  20. Unreleased. Mix from the # series. Sample (#12, #12.5, #17). (Field recordings, soundscapes, 6'12")

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