Acute Inbetweens cover

Lawrence English + Stephen VitielloAcute Inbetweens

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Release: 15 March 2011

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  1. Christening the Blackbird
  2. Soft Plastic Shell
  3. La Voix est absente
  4. Tickled Inside
  5. Exposure in Relief

Since their initial meeting in Australia during 2006, Stephen Vitiello (USA) and Lawrence English (AU) have enjoyed a long distance collaboration orbiting around the joint passion for field recordings and modular synthesis.

Exploring the points of convergence and divergence between electricity and environment, the duet's Acute Inbetweens is a collection of works derived from hazy environmental memory, imagined landscape and field recorded actualities. It's a blurring mist of encountered spaces, recreated by means voltage controlled.

Like the spatial inspiration that guides the record, Acute Inbetweens pace is tempered and during certain pieces borders on a sense of timelessness. Pieces such as La Voix est absente unfold with a pacing of the lauded opening Lotus flowers at Sinobazu-no-ike pond, individual elements revealing themselves in subtle arcs of sound, swelling into a rich harmonic whole. By contrast Exposure in Relief is a more robust and pulsing work in which micro melodies spiral into one another.

Acute Inbetweens, sharp moments diffused in time.


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