Shattering Silence cover

MosaiqueShattering Silence

Crónica 051

Release: 24 May 2010

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  1. Semendia
  2. Axis Tilt
  3. Ithom
  4. Mundo
  5. Typus und Form
  6. Ropea
  7. Photon Hills
  8. Fissures
  9. Recoil
  10. Tessian
  11. Golden Vertical
  12. Beasts
  13. Gravity and Grace
  14. Sinum

In this release I worked for the first time with analogue synthesis. It was new territory so I spent long time exploring timbres and textures and what especially drew my attention was the “sharpness” of sound as if one could sense its outlines like with forms and shapes. Also how sounds emerged and 'cut' through the air was of special interest to me. After recording the material it was put into composition with emphasis on the effect of layering certain sounds (and hence what depth or sense of contrast they create) and the feeling of change that occurs when the “sound scenery” shifts. The composition then was more a frame in which these things were allowed to occur (especially in the more abstract pieces) than a linear narrative. All this is also based on a general visual quality that sound conveys to me.


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