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Piotr KurekLectures

Crónica 042 CD

Release: 1 May 2009

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  1. Part I
  2. Ways Of Making Sounds
  3. No Mistake
  4. Part II
  5. Cardboard Cups
  6. Tripartite
  7. 1963
  8. Questions
  9. Go Up
  10. Players

Lectures was initially composed in 2007 for a live performance in Warsaw, during a Cornelius Cardew music festival that was part of the series of events Zakrzywienia Igły, organized by Michał Libera. The original idea was to perform Cardew’s pieces but this later evolved towards an improvisation based on sounds appropriated from various Cardew recordings, complemented by additional instruments. With the help from Walter Cardew, the composer’s son, Kurek was also able to use unreleased recordings from lectures, performances and rehearsals conducted by Cardew, and recorded for private use. This release presents a further development of the pieces composed for the live performance, inspired by Cornelius Cardew and his lectures.


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