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Davor MikanTäuschung

Crónica 030 CD

Release: 1 November 2007

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  1. Animal
  2. ; o
  3. Gehässig
  4. Masken
  5. Schon halb verwest
  6. Geäst
  7. Gespenster und Lippenstift, ein komplettes Drama
  8. Eine Erinnerung
  9. Cleaning my graves II
  10. Flimmer
  11. Glattes
  12. Animal
  13. Cleaning my graves I
  14. Balkig
  15. Gebälk
  16. Klitzer
  17. : o
  18. Vince
  19. s
  20. Herbst
  21. Riss
  22. Das Gewitter hat sich in eine Bahnhofshalle zurückgezogen
  23. Dunkelnder
  24. Flüsterhaus
  25. Der Eisverkäufer explodiert einfach
  26. Meine Freunde
  27. Gespenster
  28. Ein Tag
  29. Animal
  30. …rufen uns zu

These pieces were developed in the last four years. A mixture of algorithmic and handmade music. I am using generative graphic-tools together with granular systhesis to transform sound.

After 4 years, the distance to this music is completely lost. This paralyzes my thinking. When I try to have thoughts, they seem to be like a foreign substance. And totally out of place. By the way, also emotions. Finally I had searched my notes and correspondece of the last years for thoughts who are coherent with the development of this music. They are text tracks, not in the way of listening — as long as they are read, as a hint to the character of the space from out of which the music emerged.

“Who could survive physically without the spine of self-deception - and who should have interest in breaking it for the subject? But at the same time, the deception should be what it is - an illusion, which has to be figured out in case there are self-endangering enticements come from it.”
Peter Sloterdijk, Sphären I
“Dark spots were coming into my inside, black fungus which were spreading more and more.”
Fernando Pessoa, Das Buch der Unruhe

…spitefully behaving bodies of sound. They are denying the unfolding of inherent intelligence; they are acting against their being. A Chaos. Here the hearing aid is utterly familiar. A lot is getting lost — acustically masked, it doesn‘t make its way to the inner ear. What is not hearable, its vanished under the massif of sound. It is as if here the listening make the hearing impossible.

Olga Neuwirth describes the musik for her “Bählamms Fest” as gestures which are leading into nowhere.
Davor Mikan, 2007

Davor Mikan lives and works in Vienna, where he creates music about failure, beauty, lust and delusion in the context of psychoacoustic effects and in a personal sense (self-delusion).

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