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The Beautiful SchizophonicMusicamorosa

Crónica 029 CD

Release: 30 May 2007

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  1. un étourdissant réveil en musique
  2. zéphir marin, féerique comme un clair de lune
  3. du fond du sommeil elle remontait les derniers degrés de l’escalier des songes
  4. cantiques à la gloire du soleil
  5. les oiseaux qui dorment en l’air
  6. On se souvient d’une atmosphère parce que des jeunes filles y ont souri.
  7. La lectrice
  8. L’amour, c’est l’espace et le temps rendus sensibles au coeur.
  9. dans la chambre magique d’une sibylle
  10. l'éternel matin
  11. une preuve de l’existence irréductiblement individuelle de l’âme
  12. un jardin encore silencieux avant le lever du jour
  13. soixante-quatre (@c pour T.B.S.)

An evening of romantic drones…

Marcel Proust has been one of the main sources of inspiration to me in the last years. His ideas devoted to the affections of the human heart, his approach deeply rooted on the long literary French tradition in which love can only be lived in sadness, is something that goes much beyond pure aesthetic. So it came only natural that somehow I would try to convey this literary and philosophic interest with the sound aesthetic I pursue.

The image of a sleepless solitary writer confined to a Parisian soundproof room, has everything to do with the experience of a modern laptop composer, alone in the dark of a room, in a sort of headphone ecstasy with his acoustic fragments of reality. Both experience loneliness. Both are melancholic dreamers creating from an imaginary memory of the world.

Whether this music is truly related with some of the delicate emotions depicted in À la recherche du temps perdu or not, it’s up to the listener to decide. Could this be a possible sound equivalent to the literary images of affection written by Proust in the early 20th century? Is the sound atmosphere of each piece loaded with some kind of sensual aura? Would ever be possible to express a sadness full of joy in the same moment of music? Probably we’ll never know. But perhaps we think about it next time we’ll listen to Musicamorosa.

Jorge Mantas, February 2007

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