Leise cover


Crónica 026 CD

Release: 1 June 2006

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  1. Knippers
  2. Bij
  3. Krassen
  4. Paarden
  5. Kraan
  6. Vuur
  7. Storm
  8. Daisee
  9. Rammel
  10. De Kabale Brug

For his third full length CD Leise, Frans de Waard recorded his daughter Elise (note the anagram in the title), who, when three years old, asked is she could play the instruments that he has for Kapotte Muziek: sheets of metal, paper, sticks, plastic and other junk. All of these sessions were recorded by de Waard and in 2003, while it snowed in Boston (USA), the transformation of these recordings started and presented during an impromptu concert also in Boston a few days later. From then on the work expanded into an electro-acoustic work, in which computer processing plays an important role. Using a fine blend of software, the warmth of the original playing of objects in combination with a wild bunch of software. This work has been presented on a number of concerts, such as at VPRO radio and the EME festival in Setúbal, Portugal, but reaches its final shape with this CD release.


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