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Vitor JoaquimFlow

Crónica 025 CD sold out

Release: 10 March 2006

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  1. Moments of Your Time
  2. Moments of Skin
  3. Slow Moments
  4. Moments of Sync
  5. Thinking Moments
  6. Moments of Silence
  7. Moments of Emptiness
  8. Misleading Moments

Flow is an exercise of confrontation, a placing in context between voice and computer, all the idiosyncrasies of bare-naked human expression, altered, expanded and processed beyond its own flesh and blood. It also stages the possibilities and the impossibilities of relationships, or at least tries to pose some questions about the construction of our identity as a permanent conversation with others, through emotions that flow from rational collaborations in this record, with the beautiful and unsettling voice of Filipa Hora and the guitars of João Hora and Emídio Buchinho. It’s a ‘go with the flow’, a journey with people, through light and darkness, together in an endless existential dive.

The voice of Filipa Hora is heard saying… “I think this is so dangerous, this intimacy, i think… i think you’re getting so close, I think I’m gonna have to stop you from getting closer. I think I cannot get so close and then… not be close, I think I’m close… I think I don’t want not to be close…”