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tiliavous rêvez / vous ne rêvez pas

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Release: 1 October 2004

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  1. …and coming back
  2. roundaround
  3. moronic
  4. vous rêvez / vous ne rêvez pas [data track/ quicktime - divx]

vous rêvez / vous ne rêvez pas is Alexander Peterhaensel’s tilia debut on Crónica. Originally an electronic multi channel piece written and produced by the Munich artist, it was performed for the first time in cooperation with the "who_loves2dance.company" at the "London Resolution Dance Festival" in early 2003. As guests, Christian Schwenkmaier contributed some intriguing bass lines and Jo Morgan, her beautiful voice and a lot of inspiration.

Richly crafted out of remarkably beautiful piano loops, humming voices and elegant beats it reminds of modern serial music by Steve Reich as well as of American television series from the 70s, the influence of minimal electronic is just as audible as the music of post-rock bands like tortoise. The release of this 30 minute stereo mix-down comes also as a full video version directed by Peterhaensel, where a tight audiovisual intertwining can be experienced.

Photos for this release were taken from the series New Orleans, analogue photography by Denis Stuart, 2004.