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Crónica 009 CD

Release: 15 March 2004

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Tropical Agent

  1. Dirty Needles
  2. If You Should
  3. Search for Compassion
  4. U Think U Know Who U Are
  5. Silent Siren
  6. Guitar String / Empty Streets
  7. Triggers of Violence
  8. Desert Rain
  9. Flat Tire at the Dead Sea

Ears in Water

  1. Vista Plain
  2. Girl in Water (vocal by Lin Chalozin Dovrat)
  3. Untitled #1
  4. Untitled #2
  5. Piano

This CD was made under quiet listening circumstances, often accepting random factors into the process. It seems to me that some of these tracks are open to accepting additional environmental sound and noise occurrence /textures into their composition/environment. More than once I included extra sounds to the tracks after being randomly exposed to their juxtaposition with sounds from the environment while in preview listening. It seemed at times that the tracks can be part of something outside of themselves, part of something wider, blending in a surrounding, open to metamorphosis, to influence and be influenced accordingly on an atmosphere, open to an organic synthesis in an urban environment.

Ran Slavin 1.1.2004