!Siam Acnun cover

Longina!Siam Acnun

Crónica 003 CD

Release: 5 April 2003

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  1. nósac
  2. oexe ram
  3. aloiuqru
  4. tiwokre
  5. rednammocylop
  6. !Siam Acnun
  7. aispesa seires part.1 (longina) [data track/quicktime]
  8. aispesa seires part.2 (longina) [data track/quicktime]
  9. P____S (flexo action) [data track/quicktime]
  10. Rennacs rorre (horacio g. ifi) [data track/quicktime]

I would say that music is an enigma, and an evanescent enigma (tempus fugit), and that talking about that "foreign country" that all music is can be irrelevant, but also, and that's why we take the effort to do so, clarifying. Music is a pleasure (sometimes fun, sometimes passion) and is concert (that is, conflict, ceremonial fight, however dramatic) it is always a walk trough misunderstanding and the obscure. Sounds are not only symbols, they are acts. Llorenc Barber, Los dioses muertos.

!Siam Acnun is a residue of time, a frozen moment, retained, confined and now packaged. One of those instants that narrate the flow of time, that belong to time and whose picture we offer here. Nósac, oexe ram, aloiuqru, tiwokre, redbammocylop, are the personal reflection of the social irritation of a whole people that awakes from a deep and heavy sleep, of an induced hibernation. It is also the passion for the laptop and technology, passion and addiction. But it's above all the outcome of the work of a musician (Longina) with the cooperation of a couple of artists (Montse Rego and Roberto D.Bouzas), a collective (Flexo) and an optimist (Horacio G.)