Mad DiscMaterial Compositions

Material Compositions Material Compositions

Crónica 177~2021 Tape

Release date: 30 November 2021


  1. Material Composition 1 (21:46)
  2. Material Composition 2 (09:23)
  3. Material Remix: Toru Kasai (08:49)
  4. Material Remix: Koutaro Fukui (05:08) (extra track in the digital version)
  5. Material Remix: Ryoko Ono (07:48) (extra track in the digital version)

Material Compositions 1 and 2, start from the mysterious timbre of a beautiful Rin Bell, played solemnly, in a ritualistic fashion. Over the development of the pieces, delayed electronic sequences, rhythmic patterns of metallic percussions, synthesized sounds with industrial overtones and a wide range of other sounds are modulated, revealing several new patterns in a stratified acoustic landscape.

Material Compositions intersects genres such as jazz, techno, or folk, approaching them as forms that are able to mutually contaminate each other. The results blur boundaries and develop an emotional, cinematic, and meditative listening experience, with intoxicating and dazzling tones with many high-order overtones and electronic sounds, an intricate and complex soundscape.

Mad Disc is a solo project by Takamichi Murata, a composer, drummer, and percussionist working in Nagoya and Kitakyushu, Japan. Murata was involved in several bands, including his own, and he is engaged in a wide range of activities, having collaborated with several other improvisers and composers.

This album further comprises three remixes, by Murata’s collaborators Toru Kasai, Koutaro Fukui, and Ryoko Ono, the first of these is also included in the limited release tape edition.


Takamichi Murata: Drums, Percussion, Electronics, Synthesisers.

Recorded at Tokuzo by Satoru Kono. Mixed by Ramza. Remixes by Toru Kasai, Koutaro Fukui, and Ryoko Ono. Mastered at Crónica.

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