Roel MeelkopCrossmodulated

Crossmodulated Crossmodulated

Crónica 163~2020 Tape

Release date: 3 November 2020


  1. Crossmodulated 1 (14:19)
  2. Crossmodulated 2 (09:23)
  3. Crossmodulated 3 (05:51)
  4. Crossmodulated 4 (13:54)
  5. Crossmodulated 5 (15:44)

In the last years I have been mainly concentrating on live work, especially in collaboration with other musical artists, such as Jos Smolders, Machinefabriek, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, and visual artists such as Marco Douma and Esther Urlus. I have also been involved in sound design for film and video. My studio practice has been given a boost by the discovery of modular synthesis, much to the credit of Jos Smolders, who introduced me to it. In this release I combine recordings of modular sessions with field recordings, either from my archive or newly made.


Mastered by Jos Smolders at Earlabs. Cover art Drawing Machine Drawing #72 by Rosemary Lee.

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