Miguel A. GarcĂ­a & Oscar MartinKularrate


CrĂłnica 158~2020 download

Release date: 2 June 2020


  1. Kularrate (25:38)

Composed with materials generated by Miguel A. GarcĂ­a and Oscar Martin in a meeting in the town of Apodaka, in Alava, Basque country, in the year 2015, this electroacoustic piece was originally released by the label Rhizome.s. Never completely satisfied with the result, during this confinement, Miguel A. GarcĂ­a decided to revise it, reworking the mix, giving another dimension to the sounds and being more precise in the dynamics. Kularrate is constructed from purely electronic sounds, a mix of the usual no-input mixer by Miguel and the digital sounds of Oscar Martin (a.k.a. Noish), which were later manipulated and composed by Miguel. The result is an electro-acoustic piece, with rough sounds, like rust, that paradoxically was created in a completely rural environment, with the only distraction of some children that all the time were curious about the process. The atmosphere of the piece is a little dark and dense, with slight tints of threat... maybe a warning for those children to let us work quietly in our sound laboratory.


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