-O-R-G-A-N- -O-R-G-A-N-

Crónica 152~2019 Tape

Release date: 19 November 2019


  1. -O-R-G-A-N- (8:10)
  2. LO (5:36)
  3. Random Groups (5:53)
  4. Nature and Organization (17:24)
  5. Patterned Clouds (Adam Basanta’s Random Groups Rework) (7:46, digital extra)

Shay Nassi works as Mise_en_Scene and is based in Tel Aviv, where he studied sound engineering and subsequently put his skills to good use by producing music where he delicately integrates elements of minimalism and noise. Following a compilation of remixes, Leftovers (Reworked) (060~2011) and three solo releases, 443 (075~2013), Primary Fields (106~2016) and Constellation / Deformation (132~2017), Crónica is now proud to present -O-R-G-A-N-, as a limited release cassette and a digital download.

The word organ denotes the air-powered musical instrument that was one of the first (if not the first) instrument to systematically allow the development of acousmatic experiences, and simultaneously to grow to such monumental scales as to actually appropriate architecture and turn it into its resonant chamber, engulfing both listeners and performers. But organ also means a part of an organism and even the entirety of the organism. Mise_en_Scene’s -O-R-G-A-N- explores this polysemy through an iterative process. The organs of Nassi’s work are in the first place harmony and texture. These are sculpted and arranged through multiple processes of reduction and subtraction to create a new body, a new organ, that is successively refined through new iterations of the same processes until the piece is finished. The four pieces presented in this release present an overview of results from this process, but the process has deeper roots and can be identified in several of his previous releases.

A further process of interpretation is added by Adam Basanta’s remix Patterned Clouds (Adam Basanta’s Random Groups Rework), included as an extra in digital distributions.


Composed by Shay Nassi.
Cover and master by Miguel Carvalhais.

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