Fernando GodoyIs the space empty, only to be filled with the energy of this voice?

Is the space empty, only to be filled with the energy of this voice?

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Release date: 31 May 2016


  1. Is the space empty, only to be filled with the energy of this voice? (10:10)

This piece was made using field recordings of the resonance of empty spaces, activated by speech. As Alvin Lucier described in his piece 'I am Sitting in a Room', after many repetitions (of record and playback) the sound of the voice becomes the sound of resonant frequencies of the place. So what you hear as raw material in this piece is the natural frequencies of different spaces reinforced by the repetitions of the voice recording procedure. The voice works as an excuse to capture the sound of empty place.

Using that resonance as main material, the piece was composed reinforcing and isolating frequencies by equalization, but no other audio processing was used.

This work is one of the results of my residency at MoKS, where in collaboration with Simon Whetham, John Grizinch and Arlene Tucker, we made many recordings of this voice-resonance procedure at abandon ruins: a water tank, a mill, a pig farm, a empty glass tube from a second hand shop, a silo, an oil tank, internal and external spaces.

Fernando Godoy M. is an electronics engineer, sound artist and producer who lives and works in Valparaíso, Chile. He uses diverse media to research sound as a social and natural phenomena, and is interested in the relationship between aural experience and territory. His practice includes field recordings, DIY technologies, electronics, sound installations, sound performances, radio works, web projects and experimental composition. Working also as a producer, he has been the director of the Tsonami Sound Art Festival since 2008, a platform for the diffusion and development of contemporary sound practices in Chile.

This is the fifth release in the series Corollaries, that compiles works resulting from Active Crossover: Mooste, a cross-cultural collaborative residency curated by Simon Whetham and hosted by MoKS, in April and May 2015. All works are composed from material compiled in a collective archive during the project.


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