PureThe End of Vinyl

The End of Vinyl

Crónica 078~2013 download

Release date: 25 May 2013


  1. This Side (9:54)
  2. That Side (10:56)

Crónica’s 78th edition presents Pure’s classic the.end.of.vinyl, originally released by Mego in 1999. Long out of stock, this was Pure’s first output after the switch from analogue hardware to software and also his first work focusing on the pure listening experience instead of dance music.

the.end.of.vinyl is not a manifesto against vinyl records, rather a mention to the sources used in the composition, taken from various run out grooves. Fourteen years past, these two pieces are now redistributed in digital format and are the starting point for the ten compositions in the No End of Vinyl.

Originally from Vienna, Pure lives and works in Berlin.

Pure generates dense abstract music that evokes connotations of dreams and abstract narrations. Since 1992 he released over 30 CDs and vinyls of solo and collaborative works in different styles under various pseudonyms on such labels as Mego (at), Staalplaat (nl), Praxis (ch), and his own labels dOc, LOOP, ATMOSFEAR, and SUB/VERSION (w/ Christoph Fringeli). He has played at festivals around Europe and North America, such as Argos (be), Club Transmediale (de), Mutek (ca), RGB v1 (fr), Sendandreceive (ca), Phonotaktik (usa).

Being one of the driving forces behind the first techno parties in Vienna in 1991, he departed from this style soon after to move on to further less explored and harsher fields of electronic dance music for the next years.

In the second half of the nineties he did his next step by turning towards developing his own software instruments. He uses this knowledge since then for computer based live performances and teaching at various universities and media labs around europe.

In 2002 he started Terminalbeach together with Erich Berger to play networked audio-visual live performances. They developed Heart Chamber Orchestra; an audio-visual collaboration with 12 classical musicians of the Trondheim Sinfonietta. The heartbeats of the musicians are used as source material to generate and control a score in real time that the musicians then perform and to generate a digital video representation as well. The debut performance of HCO took place in Trondheim in October 2006 initiated and produced by TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Center.

His early nineties dance music past caught up with him in 2005 when he started the successful Wasted Festival together with Jason Forrest. The festival, in collaboration with Berlin’s Club Transmediale, has seen 5 full episodes, and will be generating more small spin off parties in 2008.


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