Marc BehrensQueendom Maybe Rise

Queendom Maybe Rise

Cr贸nica 076~2013 CD

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Release date: 4 March 2013


  1. Maybe Rise (41:35)
  2. Queendom (featuring Y么ko Higashi) (8:07)

Maybe Rise opens up a concrete sound space of two contradicting elements, firstly a harmonious but nondescript utopian location, secondly a highly symbolic and hyperrealist place of human action, derived from material recorded in the coastal rainforest, table lands and outback of Tropical North Queensland, Australia, in July 2011. The piece was commissioned by Radio Sonores, composed in Spring 2012 while constantly traveling and premiered on May 2, 2012, during the Guimar茫es 2012 European Capital of Culture events. Stereo mixdown June 2012. Acknowledgements: Nat Bates, Nigel Bram, Lawrence English, Klaus Krischok (Goethe-Institut Australien), Richard Miller, Katrina Mills, Nicholas Mills, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha and Filipe Silva.

Queendom was recorded and produced for the inauguration ceremony of a consulate for the Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland in the town of Karben, Germany, on April 11, 2009. The piece features the mighty Y么ko Higashi (hamaY么ko) on vocals that hint to a knowledge of supernatural forces. All the sounds were generated from Y么ko鈥檚 voice. Stereo mixdown June 2012. Acknowledgements: KMW Michael I, KMW Leif I, Felicia Herrschaft, Philipp Leonhardi 鈥 et naturellement Y么ko.

Marc Behrens works on several cerebral and physical levels.

His works mainly consist of concrete electronic music, installations, the occasional photograph or video. Recent activities include field recording trips to remote western China and the Amazon rainforest, founding an incorporation as a social art work, and staging a rite of passage for an investment banker.

Behrens has performed and exhibited extensively across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, North America, and East Asia, and developed collaborations with Jeremy Bernstein, Ana Carvalho, Bernhard G眉nter, Nikolaus Heyduck, Francisco L贸pez, Paulo Raposo and Achim Wollscheid, among others.

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