Crónica 075~2013 download

Release date: 18 February 2013


  1. 443.1 (13:42)
  2. 443.2 (7:26)
  3. 443.3 (6:56)

The first part of the process was an improvisation recording with a grand piano and found objects made by mise_en_scene and Andrey at the Jerusalem National Theater in front of an empty hall during the Summer of 2008. The second part, later that year, was mise_en_scene’s feedback recordings with 4 PCC microphones in an empty theater hall in Tel-Aviv.

Both recordings were then composed and arranged in the three segments collectively title “443”.

443 is the name of a highway going from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. This title symbolically connects the two recordings produced in different cities and creates a new place that combines them: the highway, physically connecting but still, a place of its own. Finally, the title is resonant of the famous piece by John Cage, 4’33”, and of Cage’s use of the piano with found objects in several of his works.

Mise_en_scene is Shay Nassi from the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel.

Shay (1977) began to study the art of sound engineering at Jordan Valley College in the north of Israel, where he gained a degree in Practical Sound Engineering. The skills obtained there are clearly visible in the quality and acoustic depth of his production and sound design.

Mise_en_scene's sound is characterized with a style owing as much to the delicate material treatments of minimalism and the lower case movement as it does to the more pensive side of noise, which is marked by a great sense of spatial control, instrumental delicacy and arrangement-related sensibility. (tokafi)


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