QuarzFive Years on Cold Asphalt

Five Years on Cold Asphalt

Crónica 070~2012 CD

Release date: 3 September 2012


  1. Étienne (04:08)
  2. Oiseau (08:59)
  3. Eiffel (05:54)
  4. Ton (07:03)
  5. Nice (05:24)
  6. Avec (04:38)

On “Five Years on Cold Asphalt” the collaborations with Bernier, Németh, Schubert and Siewert were expanded by the special guests Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Metalycée) on drums and David Schweighart (Tupolev) with some delicate field recordings. Recording iteratively with each of the seven musicians, the new material was gradually implemented, so that each new collaborator came across a new version of the piece, already elaborated by his forerunners. This was a long process that demanded a particularly extensive mixing work but that nevertheless results in a very organic-sounding piece, therefore turning the mixing and the recording to almost coequal artistic tasks.

“Five Years on Cold Asphalt” is characterized by an electronic sound that is subtly subverted by a whiff of improvisation. It combines the vividness of a live collaboration with the precision of a studio project.

Quarz is a project created, ran and managed by Alexandr Vatagin, an Austrian musician also involved with the projects Tupolev and Port-Royal. Quarz started in 2006 by Vatagin and Tupolev’s Lukas Scholler, but Scholler eventually left the collaboration, leaving Vatagin to pursue the project. In subsequent recordings, he invited several befriended musicians and Quarz was chronologically joined by Nicolas Bernier, Stefan Németh (Radian, Lokai), Alexander Schubert (Sinebag) and Martin Siewert (Trapist, Heaven And).


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