Gintas KSo On

So On

Crónica 054~2010 download

Release date: 15 October 2010


  1. (02:53)
  2. (01:28)
  3. (03:11)
  4. (03:34)
  5. (04:15)
  6. Grinny Memories (03:35)
  7. (01:34)
  8. (04:43)
  9. (03:29)
  10. (02:00)
  11. (03:43)
  12. So On (03:54)
  13. (04:12)
  14. (02:03)

After two solo albums and several participations in Crónica’s compilations, Gintas K is back to Crónica with his first release in the free-download Unlimited Series. In what has been becoming Gintas K’s signature, So On is composed of several independent small compositions that are individually very diverse but remarkably coherent when heard as a whole. In the same line as his recent Lovely Banalities, So On lives from the dialectic of its internal dynamics, contrasts and tensions, composed to a delicate balance across the length of the album. It is a step in the consolidation of Gintas K as a mature composer and very active experimentalist with whom Crónica is extremely proud to work.

Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavičius) is a sound artist born in Lithuania. He was the core member of the first Lithuanian industrial music group, “Modus”. Performances, actions, and even short films shaped the activities of “Modus” (translated as “the way of life”). Later Gintas Kraptavičius was active as a performer and interdisciplinary artist, known for his actions, happenings and written instructions in a post-fluxus manner.

In 1999 Gintas turned his scenery name into Gintas K and started exploring experimental digital music aesthetics: from overloaded massive structures, static and physically overwhelming frequencies to melodic ambiences, voice and field recordings. He has released several albums, contributed to online releases and projects and participated in various international festivals of new media and sound art.


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