CrĂłnica 032~2008 download

Release date: 5 March 2008


  1. Janek Schaefer: Broadstairs Children’s Piano Trio (04:56)
  2. @c: 73 (08:05)
  3. Gilles Aubry: s6t8r (09:16)
  4. Lawrence English: A Certain Death by Drowning (04:48)
  5. The Beautiful Schizophonic: Music For Lonely People (08:46)
  6. Ran Slavin: Summer Clouds (06:14)
  7. o.blaat: Snark and Caramel (06:44)
  8. Paulo Raposo: A Bag of Water (09:13)
  9. Mosaique: Tapis (05:32)
  10. paL: shezalready5 (02:22)
  11. Cem GĂĽney: Subsequently Ad Hoc To Daylight Mistreatment (14:00)
  12. Gigantiq: A Few Steps From Your Shoulder (08:49)
  13. @c: 68 (10:10)
  14. Freiband: Rob’s Longest Beard (13:52)
  15. Tu M’: Sea n° 43 (07:34)
  16. Pure: 643 (07:53)
  17. Heitor Alvelos: O Corpo Ă© que Paga (07:28)
  18. James Eck Rippie: Black Transmission (06:44)
  19. Pedro Tudela: Op1s2s2m (11:17)
  20. Vitor Joaquim: The Devil is in the Detail (13:30)
  21. Marc Behrens: Website (08:46)
  22. Durán Vázquez: Segunda Natureza (Noite) (06:04)
  23. Autodigest: Judas! (Leave Her Alone version) (01:11)
  24. Gintas K: Excerpt from (08:47)

All of a sudden Crónica’s fifth anniversary is here to be celebrated. Nothing better than to do it with something both big and new. Our thirty-second release, sporting 192 minutes of the finest mus*****c from our dearest artists, gift-wrapped as our first full digital release, in a brand new and parallel immaterial venture called the Unlimited Release Series.

It’s been five years of Crónica, with 32 releases out and many more to come, with wonderful work to do and wonderful people to do it with, with something (we hope) accomplished, but with still so much to be done.

Author notes

Janek Schaefer: I found this loop on a School Music 7” from the 60’s while rehearsing before a concert at a college on the south coast. After the concert one of the students asked me what it was, so I made him an innocent little piece with it.
Gilles Aubry: This track is based on recordings of several empty rooms at Stralau 68, a former venue for experimental music in Berlin.
Lawrence English: Source materials record in Porto, where the ocean ate my shoes. Special thanks to Paulo and Miguel.
Ran Slavin: Summer Clouds is from the upcoming release Metal Sleeping Place
o.blaat: Recorded in an apartment in E. Village, NYC. It is a reduced-version of "Car décalé légèrement" w/o wiimote. Its feedback system used an iPod speaker.
Paulo Raposo: voice reading Blanchot by Andrew Paterson
Mosaique: Church Organ played by L. Cerqueira, Recorded by R. GanhĂŁo/J. Ferreira in Spring 2007 at the SĂ© Cathedral, Lisboa.
Cem GĂĽney: imperious and ever present is duality; the time-space continuum fragile.
an industry that requires conformation to consolidate, generates harsh stitching.
subsequently ad hoc to daylight mistreatment; lapse in mood how many? interpolation exclusively nocturnal; eventually...
Gigantiq: Recorded May 15 2006 at the Etching Table, Lisbon. Edited in January 2008.
Freiband: a remix of some kind or another
Tu M’: Recorded live at “Vico Santa Chiara” Studio, Città Sant’Angelo, Italy. Rossano Polidoro: laptop, mixing board; Emiliano Romanelli: laptop, mixing board.
Heitor Alvelos: Constructed from field recordings, Porto and London, January 2006. Buried in the mayhem is an anonymous male whistling the first 10 bars of a Portuguese pop hit from the 1980s, possibly testing the acoustic potential of a car tunnel on the coldest day of the year. The very tailend is soap-opera karaoke schmaltz turned avant-garde drawing class.
James Eck Rippie: installation recordings, 2002.
Pedro Tudela: made with “Segredo/Secret (2+more)” installation audio material
Vitor Joaquim: voice: Caterina Varela
Marc Behrens: Based on the loading problems of an intermediate version of the Marc Behrens website that contained embedded sound, produced 2001.
Autodigest: A draft from an upcoming release pertaining to the first golden age of bootlegging. With thanks to R.Waters for trying to sing a song.


Press release