Ran SlavinThe Wayward Regional Transmissions

The Wayward Regional Transmissions

Crónica 028~2007 CD

Release date: 1 February 2007


  1. Village (04:49)
  2. Wayward Initial (07:06)
  3. Jericho 6AM (10:24)
  4. Shelters and Peace (07:20)
  5. DAT Beats (09:49)
  6. The Silence (05:24)
  7. Kiosk in Furadis (03:25)
  8. Hagalil (03:43)

In The Wayward Regional Transmissions, Ran Slavin approaches a fusion of Oriental Middle Eastern Music with Abstract Glitch, juxtaposing traditional laments and folklore spiritual themes with abstract narratives produced through the use of contemporary digital tools. The merging of acoustically displaced elements of folklore overtones and a more radical approach to sound and musical structure, set in a context that tries to maintain an aerial overview of a contrasting hybrid geographical region could be described perhaps as a utopian merge, Oriental Abstract Spiritual music.

Tracks 1, 2, 6 and 8 contain original recordings of Ahuva Ozeri playing lamentations in Ran Slavin’s studio on her three-steel string indian instrument, the BulbulTarang. Ahuva Orezi [b.1949 Tel Aviv-Jaffa] was the first female star of the Mizrahi music in Israel and has remained very popular ever since.


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