Heimir Bj√∂rg√ļlfsson & Jonas OhlssonKing Glitch

King Glitch

Crónica 018~2005 CD

Release date: 1 January 2005


  1. Bridge over river Glitch
  2. Elephantitus of the armpit
  3. Bring him up to now
  4. Spelled thru (USA… USA… style)
  5. Midget in my car
  6. 23 people gathered in our studio, there we grew our musical talents
  7. The ones who hurt are the ones who surfer
  8. Handclaps of fury
  9. Missing God & Mister Mysterious
  10. Our fantasy is stronger than yours
  11. Tables laid out to desert food
  12. Bluescreen of DEATH by Jill Magid
  13. King Glitch
  14. Hidden track
  15. Making of a hit record [data track/quicktime]

Cr√≥nica is delighted to present King Glitch, an eclectic, heretic, buzz-noise bastard muziek adventure. If you thought Cr√≥nica's catalogue was moving towards hybrid-chick(en) concept guerilla, wait till you lay your ears on Bj√∂rg√ļlfsson and Ohlsson's extravaganza, honors made, this Gonzo hit-record may as well pose as an Hunter S. Thompson emotive farewell. These are tracks that may very well have been produced while riding shotgun from LA to Las Vegas, with stops for eating chili-dogs and occasional bowling with people that take their love for art and artists to a totally new level, skin-deep! Do not miss the making of a hit record video and join our heros in an amazing journey thru the valley of stardom. These record tracks spell p-o-p while leaving trails of dust across the road. Wham! Bring on yr steel guitar and bow to King Glitch!


All done by Heimir Bj√∂rg√ļlfsson & Jonas Ohlsson with: Gunnhildur Hauksd√≥ttir vocals tracks 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12; B.J.Nilsen keyboards tracks 3, 6, 10 and 13, and vocals track 6; Magnus Monfeldt vocals track 14; Young Spanks vocals track 12.