Sumugan Sivanesan / Durán VázquezProduct 01

Product 01

Crónica 007~2003 CD

Release date: 15 October 2003


Sumugan Sivanesan: Spare Your Speakers

  1. Mono is the New Black
  2. Sinus
  3. Steam
  4. Across
  5. One Note Solo
  6. Fold
  7. Life Imitates Art
  8. Insomnia

Durán Vázquez: Pigua, Megapigua

  1. Monsanto, East St. Louis, Illinois
  2. Rochas no Ceo
  3. Phantomsyöttö
  4. War Simplicity
  5. Virus Simplicity
  6. Sueño Eléctrico Controlado
  7. Death Simplicity

Sumugan Sivanesan

  1. Hypertension [data track/quicktime]
  2. Anaesthesia [data track/quicktime]

Product establishes a new series of releases by Crónica. The Product Series aims at fusion and confrontation through releasing the work of two artists in a single CD. Experimental publishing one may call it, or the simple return to the vinyl split strategy, but this time in digital media.

Roughly, Product releases are split CDs comprising the audio and/or audiovisual work of two artists plus a special Crónica guest to produce the cover artwork. Almost regarded as 'mini-compilations', we think they'll stand from the synergy that results in having both works attached, therefore turning the release not as a mere sum of parts but rather an emergent Product of them.