@cHard Disk

Hard Disk

Crónica 001~2003, CD

Release date: 7 February 2003


  1. @c+FFT (Vítor Joaquim + João Hora)
  2. @c+Lia: Hard Video/GSIL XIX [data track/quicktime]

It is hard to point the start of these tracks, although we know when and where they were recorded, Aveiro, Vienna, Lisbon... but where did they really start?

From our memories, they come from Porto, Berlin, wherever we performed, in public or not... With Alex, with Vítor and João... Always with Lia and her inspiring images!

What we cannot say is that they are full improvisations. Although the composition is not prepared or scored, although there’s no rehearsal, the compositions grow with us. They are born at any given moment and then they develop their own history that we freeze here, at a given moment that is not however their end.