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Our Demo policy

Saying no to nice hardworking people is not an easy task. Still, getting no answer to a demo, after 2 months or something, usually means no. We know every artist expects feedback about their work, the thing is that feedback requires a lot of energy, time & wiseness that sometimes we can’t afford to spend, so until we hire or become the ultimate Renaissance person, don’t expect too much of that. We do listen to everything we receive, but is not unusual that we already have clear plans for future releases or simply that your work is just not what we are looking for and/or falls out of our editorial agenda, etc., however, it’s also true that we have released work that had their origin in unsolicited demos, so… if your work interests us, you’ll hear from us, if it doesn’t, you won’t…


We will be glad to send you physical or download promos for review purposes. Just drop us a line.


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