Miguel A. García

Miguel A. García

Miguel A. García, also known as Xedh, is an artist resident in Bilbao who works on the field of experimental music and sound art. Trained in Fine Arts, he works on electroacoustic composition and improvisation, using sources obtained from the manipulation of electrical devices, sometimes mixing these with sounds of acoustic instruments and field recordings.

Both solo and in different groups, he has performed extensively in Europe, America and Asia. He has collaborated with many artists, both in studio and live, such as, among others: Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ilia Belorukov, Francisco López, Francisco Meirino, Seijiro Murayama or Jean-Luc Guionnet. His work appears in more than a hundred albums with labels, such as Bestiarie, Crónica Electrónica, Cyclic Law, In Solace Publishing, Intonema, Malignant, Mikroton, Moving Furniture, Pure Reactive, Sentient Ruin, Slaughter Recs, etc.

At the same time, he works as event organizer and curator, and he is the founder of Le Larraskito Club (Bilbao), the director of the Zarata Fest (strange/unusual music festival) and part of the organization of the Hotsetan cycle in Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), all of them platforms for the dissemination of different, odd and risky music and related disciplines.