Bruno Duplant

Bruno Duplant

Bruno Duplant is a prolific composer and a musician (organ, double bass, percussion, electronics, field recordings) living in the north of France. He has collaborated with many musicians around the globe and has also made solo works. His recordings have been published by various labels including Elsewhere, Another Timbre, Wandelweiser, Ftarri, B-Boim, Diafani, Notice Recordings, Suppedaneum, Unfathomless, Dinzu Artefacts, Aussenraum, Moving Furniture, Verz, Mappa, Hemisphäreの空虚, Falt, among others and his own label co-curated with Pedro Chambel, Rhizome.s.

For Duplant, composing and playing music is similar to imagining, creating, and sometimes decomposing new spaces/realities, and new entities which he calls fictions. But it is also a reflection on memory (memory of things, spaces, and moments) and also on all that is invisible, intangible.

His music, strongly inspired by the writing (Francis Ponge, Gaston Bachelard, Georges Perec, Stéphane Mallarmé among others) and some artists/musicians/theorists (John Cage, Luc Ferrari, Eliane Radigue, Rolf Julius, Raymond Murray Schafer), is imbued with a sweet melancholy.

His photographic practice and writing (poetry), for some time, join his musical practice, in many crossings, for many exchanges.