The Beautiful Schizophonic

The Beautiful Schizophonic photographed in Paris, 13th June 2009, by Cécile Schott


Sometimes the laptop is a vault of memories. It’s loaded with many sound fragments from our wireless imaginary past. You open it and by chance you pick up an old sound. And you just don’t know why. A melody, a voice or the gentle noise of your footsteps on a solitary ground, every sound is like an unknown spectre glittering from the bottom of the hard-disk. A field recording of a dream. And yet, you feel like you’re listening to it for the very first time and its illusive flow provokes a deep emotional reaction on you. Suddenly everything makes sense; your auditory life comes alive in an unexpected way. Nothing ever felt so intense. So close. You turn into this body of speed and sound. The time and space around you dissolves as you slowly start to build the piece from there. Adding new points of impact in each listener’s unique inner vision.

Creating this kind of happy accidents is what makes composition basically an improvisation process. And the wide screened new phantom song will grow beautifully in your ears.

Some years from now, you will casually find this song in your laptop. You will listen to it again. For the first time. Triggering new thrills on you, becoming an everlasting new song. For now, it’s only a future nostalgia created to be forgotten until the right time comes.


The sentimental destiny in music or, in search for the acoustic truth of the heart. The Beautiful Schizophonic is romantic drone music for modern loners.