Limited releases

The Limited release series presents hardware and physical goods, available in very limited quantities and directly from Crónica.

All of the Limited releases are numbered and signed by the artist and will be sold until out of stock.

  1. 094-2015Monty Adkins & Stephen Harvey: Unfurling Streams 094~2015 box set
  2. 047-2009Janek Schaefer / Stephan Mathieu: Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard) / Girl 047~2009 5" vinyl
  3. 043l-2009UBERMORGEN.COM: The Sound of eBay — Do you know who the father is? 043l~2009 woodcut on paper
  4. 043l-2009UBERMORGEN.COM: The Sound of eBay — It’s getting big? 043l~2009 woodcut on paper
  5. 041l-2009Marc Behrens: The Recompiler 041l~2009 lambda print
  6. 039l-2009Marius Watz: Conical 039l~2009 archival inkjet print
  7. 037l-2008Ran Slavin: Nocturnal Rainbow Rising 037l~2008 Lambda print
  8. 035l-2008Miguel Leal: Unique Clouds 035l~2008 object
  9. 033l-2008Pedro Tudela: Dark Rose Sound Flower 033l~2008 Lambda print